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Your Questions About New Niches

Sharon asks…

What do i need to start a niche empire business or affiliate marketing?

I was wondering that after searching through the internet. I was thinking about going into niche sites or affiliate marketing. I am starting out as a beginner in that field but i need to know. How much money do i need for them and i’m not good at creating content. Which course that would be the best or suitable or beginners. I plan to build websites to make money but i don’t know where to start.

New Niche Finder answers:

I like many other people, was laid off and lost my job that i loved when the recession first hit a few years ago. I got involved with affiliate marketing and have not looked back since. I now make much more money than I did with my old job and work fewer hours now. Although it DID take quite a bit of upfront work however. Here are a few things that I now use to help me earn a healthy full time income from home. Hope they help

This is a system that is free to start and requires no recruiting other people and honestly takes about 5 minutes a day. It wont make you much money for the first few months but after a little a while if you follow their advice will really start to add up.

I am involved with this affiliate marketing company and have made a decent amount of money earning from several income streams simultaneously

one more affiliate program to check out would also be this one:

Best of luck to you either way. These are all great affiliate programs to get involved with.

Susan asks…

What is the niche to a common buckthorn plant?

I’m doing a project for school and I need help figuring out 3-5 parts of the common buckthorns niche. Also, I need to know the abiotic and biotic factors that exsist at it’s point of origin..I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean.

New Niche Finder answers:

Common buckthorn, Rhamnus cathartica L.is an invasive woody perennial of northern hardwood forests in North America, It retains its leaves longer than the native trees ( competitive advantage ) and inhibits the growth of other trees ( allelopathic inhibition ). It also causes changes in soil composition and structure of micro-anthtopod-communities.
More details > http://books.google.de/books?id=c_cCwli1NQcC&pg=PA232&lpg=PA232&dq=Rhamnus+cathartica%2Bniche&source=bl&ots=wcMex3t1ds&sig=w25ZGxWeMRbjWDVmhqM0MnFpL5M&hl=de&ei=sDrNTcWhNIfxsgaA0JizCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CEIQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=Rhamnus%20cathartica%2Bniche&f=false
It originates from Eurasia, where some abiotoc factors are – like elsewhere – climate, rain, sun, temperature, rocks, sand, minerals etc.
Biotic factors are birds for seed dispersal, insects for pollinating, decomposers, refertilizing the soil, European earthworms, it is also associated with in its new environment.

Daniel asks…

How can I find the strongest keywords to search for in a particular niche?

For example, the niche would be Video games, how can i find the strongest keywords to get a person to a video game site?


New Niche Finder answers:

Try using wordtracker. They have a free trial version that will help generate up to 100 keyword. If you subscribe to their service ($330/year and in most cases is totally worth it), you can generate up to 1000 keywords at a time.

Michael asks…

What industries/niches have an excess inventory?

I’m doing a research project and need to find industries/niches that have excess inventory at any given time. So far I have fashion/clothing and home goods. Is there any ones that you know of? I’ve realized that it’s usually the niches that create “collections” and feature products within that.

New Niche Finder answers:

There’s really not much of a database for that type of stuff.

Mandy asks…

What is the niche of the Peary caribou within its ecosystem?

What is the niche (role) of the Peary caribou (high arctic) within its ecosystem?

New Niche Finder answers:

The Peary Caribou (Rangifer tarandus pearyi) is a caribou subspecies found in the high Arctic islands of Canada’s Nunavut and Northwest territories. Peary caribou feed on most of the available grasses, Cyperaceae (sedges), lichen and mushrooms. In particular they seem to enjoy the Purple Saxifrage and in summer their muzzles become purple from the plants. Their hooves are sharp and shaped like a shovel to enable them to dig through the snow in search of food.
The caribou rarely travel more than 150 km (93 mi) from their winter feeding grounds to the summer ones. They are able to outrun the arctic wolf, their main predator, and are good swimmers. They usually travel in small groups of no more than twelve in the summer and four in the winter. Is this ok?

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