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Your Questions About New Niches

Jenny asks…

How Much Content Does a Niche Blog Need?

I’m currently working on a niche blog and have about 20 articles. I want to get at least 60 before I create a new blog on a different niche. I want to be making $5-$10 a day from adsense off of each blog. How much traffic would I need to achieve this? Is 60 posts enough, too little, or more than enough to make that much money?

New Niche Finder answers:

Blog does not mean static content. The most successful blogs such as Techcrunch or BoingBoing have several posts per day. You can’t start a blog and limit it only 20 articles and expect to earn from Adsense

Unless you market it all out, it will take a while for a blog to be generating traffic and earning $10. Hence you need to keep writing, writing and writing to gain readership — and keep the ones you have.

A blog needs nurturing. If visitors see that the last post was 4 months ago — because you’ve stopped posting thinking that 20 articles are enough (and not original articles at that but copied from somewhere else) — your visitors will not return and you can’t get new users. No traffic means no $10 Adsense earnings.

People hate stale blogs. Get out of this thinking and create and run a blog properly — with fresh original content

Linda asks…

Anthropology The evolutionary consequences of long-term continental drift include?

The evolutionary consequences of long-term continental drift include

A. the isolation of populations of organism
B. populations needing to adapt to new ecological niches
C. the altered geographic distribution of life forms
D. all of these

New Niche Finder answers:

D. All of these

Laura asks…

____ are organisms moved from their native environment to a new, nonnative habitat?

Niches, Parasites, Introduced species, Communities

New Niche Finder answers:

Introduced species.

Chris asks…

Helping my partner to find new friends in a new town.?

My partner recently relocated from Chicago to my hometown in East Texas to be with me and my son. He has a great job, we have a beautiful house, and everything has been pretty great! However, I have noticed that he doesn’t have a social life outside of me and my family. As we live in a fairly small town (Pop. 18000) I’d like some suggestions on how to help him make new friends and find his niche here. I think that he may be lonely, aside from missing his friends and family back home. He’s a great guy, a hard worker, and an absolutely awesome dad figure for my son. He’s just not very outgoing, so I’d like to find some activities that he might enjoy to help him meet people.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’ve recently moved to be with someone too. Although we spend lots of time with his friends, I still have yet to connect with them. In fact, I connect more to my coworkers. You can’t force him to make friends, but just keep allowing the opportunity to be there. Also, understand that this is a hard time for him and be supportive. I would suggest going out with couples, that seems to be the most comfortable for me and allows me to socialize more one on one with the other people if I choose. Good luck!

George asks…

how are species replaced after going extinct?

Even before humans entered the scene, many species of plants and animals were extinct and have been going extinct ever since the first organisms evolved on Earth. New ones constantly are evolving to fill niches and adapt to changing environments. Why are we even concerned about endangered species? If one species goes extinct won’t another replace it? Do we need all of these species anyway? Should humans have the right to inhabit anyplace we want to without worrying about which little animal/plan/fungus we trample?

New Niche Finder answers:

Every little place and inch in this world was created for a PURPOSE. We have ruined 95% and the other 5% is just past prehistoric damage from early humans! And we must be concerned because people do not think about what will happen if animals go extinct. Like the polar bear they are going extinct do to our fault of global warming theirs ice captures are melting and they are losing food source the people out theire (eskimos) used those polar bears for hide. To keep them warm in that cold winter and summer! And what happens when those people lose all their food source like fish due to the chinese’s fault of spilling oils into the ocean! When people eat the fish they could be poisend with the oils and pestisides from the asian ship. We have to think about every little thing we do very carefully and closely because we might ruin something without even thinking about the damage it may cause to others!

This was a very applausable question!

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