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Your Questions About New Niches

Sandra asks…

I want to buy niche blueprint and anybody know about where can I get niche blueprint discount ?

I know that niche blueprint is very great product and I want to buy it before too late. Unfortunately, I’m running out of money on my savings. Anybody know where can I get niche blueprint discount and thanks for your answer guys..

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, this is your lucky day, you better quick because Tim & Steve only sell this product for 5 days and you know the fact that in january this year this product had been sold out after 36 hours. Niche blueprint discount will be available only on 16-20 march at


you can get $100 discount and more than $1,000 worth bonuses if you buy through that link. I hope my answer can help you =)

Linda asks…

What is the niche limiting factors and adaptation features in this scenario?

I’m designing this Habitat thing for a school project and i decided to do it on the coral reef…
so i would like to know what is the niche, limiting factor, community ect please some one help me out!!!!
i have sea turtles in there too what else would i need to make it livable for some animals that live in the reef???

New Niche Finder answers:

Do some more research. I’m sorry, but if you want homework help, ask it in the homework section. Google, I know, has the answers you need. I do, too, but you really should do your own research, and this is not in the homework section. We are not going to give you all the answers. That’s what projects are for. Is finding out things yourself.

Lizzie asks…

What was the purpose of a niche in gothic cathedrals?

i need to research the niche for an art project but i can’t find anything anywhere. does anyone know any good books or websites that describe the purpose and function of gothic cathedral architectural elements????

New Niche Finder answers:

A niche in classical architecture is an exedra or an apse that has been reduced in size, retaining the half-dome heading usual for an apse. Nero’s Domus Aurea (AD 64–69) was the first semi-private dwelling that possessed rooms that were given richly varied floor plans, shaped with niches and exedras; sheathed in dazzling polished white marble, such curved surfaces concentrated or dispersed the daylight.

The word derives from the Latin nidus or nest, via the French niche. The Italian nicchio for a sea-shell may also be involved,[1] as the traditional decoration for the top of a niche is a scallop shell, as in the illustration, hence also the alternative term of “conch” for a semi-dome, usually reserved for larger exedra.

In Gothic architecture, a niche may be set within a tabernacle framing, like a richly-decorated miniature house (“aedicule”), such as might serve for a reliquary. The backings for the altars in churches (“reredos”) can be embedded with niches for statues. Though a niche in either Classical or Gothic contexts may be empty and merely provide some articulation and variety to a section of wall, the cult origins of the niche suggested that it be filled with a statue. In Fra Filippo Lippi’s Madonna (illustration, right) the trompe-l’oeil niche frames her as with the canopy of estate that was positioned over a personage of importance in the late Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe. At the same time, the Madonna is represented as an iconic sculpture who has “come alive” with miraculous immediacy.

Expanding from its primary sense as an architectural recess, a niche can be applied to a rocky hollow, crack, crevice, or foothold. The sense of a niche as a clearly defined narrow space led to its use describing the relational position of an organism’s species, its ecological niche.

Joseph asks…

What is the niche of the most common duck, The Mallard?

I’m finishing up a pretty hefty biology report. The one thing that most conflicts me is it’s niche. Can anyone think of the Mallard’s niche in the environment? Niche = Role that organism has in its environment.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well it eats the weeds that many other animals can’t, but it shares that niche with other types of birds.

Susan asks…

Is Africa considered a low energy or high energy niche?

I am doing an essay talking about Antelopes in africa. I need to know whether their niche is considered low or high energy.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’d assume high energy. There is a lot of solar energy for productivity and they have elevated metabolic rates e.g. Can move fast.

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