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Your Questions About New Niches

Mandy asks…

If you were to start a temporary staffing agency, what niche field would it be in?

I’m interested in starting a staffing company and would like to fill a niche in a market for employment. Everyone does finance or administrative. What is one that you haven’t seen or don’t see enough of? If you’re unemployed and in a niche market, what is it?

New Niche Finder answers:

Going into tax season, I’d do tax preparers. I’d find a way to tier my workers (CPA’s on top, EA’s in the middle, and experienced non-certifieds at the bottom). I’d also group them by experience (either individual, payroll or business depending on what they’ve done).

Everyone needs their taxes done, so you have a good chance at high volume for 4 months to get you going.

Maria asks…

How might one get a local business directory for a niche of a category?

It is easy to white label or launch a hosted directory of local businesses; there are countless providers who can even segment the directory to a specific locality or category (i.e. restaurants, plumbers)

How though would I go about getting a hosted directory of a specific niche within those categories? Say I want a directory of Italian restaurants or barbers but not hair salons. How would you get one?

Is there anyone who can support a global directory and not just U.S.?

New Niche Finder answers:

Check out the following website, it covers nearly every major city in every country of the world with several subcategories:


Carol asks…

Why should niche sites bother with affiliate marketing?

I have read in a few places about niche websites having affiliate links on them also, but i am wondering would there ever be a problem.

For example if i made a niche website selling red cups and decided to find another red cup website and join their affiliate program, would they not be annoyed if they found out that not only am i taking some of their customers but also making money off them as well (as an affiliate). Would it be best to use different affiliate programs that are not so closely related? Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Hello PAtriCk,
You have asked a great question. I think it will never make a problem .
I know lot of web masters who run their own domain and web hosting store(re seller) and same time affiliated with other web hosting providers. This will never make a problem until you are violating the affiliate terms.
Always promote products closely related to your niche. Otherwise you can not earn more

Paul asks…

How can I build a list for my niche on Google Plus?

I have a lot of people included in my Google+ circles and I want to build a list for them for my niche. I was wondering how I can best do that?

New Niche Finder answers:

yes google+ profile lists are a great way to find people from around the world who share your interests, profession, etc
and to make it easy for others to locate and add you in their circles

I’m providing a link to the article which tells you how to best create the list

Donna asks…

How are snake holes a niche?

I’m doing an ecology project where we had to go out and take pictures of lots of symbiotic relationships and my teacher mentioned that snake holes were niches. WHY are snakeholes niches?

New Niche Finder answers:

A niche is a place where it fits in

a snakes *burrow* in the case of Python regius (sp?) is where the snake lives. This is its niche, it’s humble abode etc

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