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Your Questions About New Niches

Robert asks…

What are some niches that can be found in our backyards?

I don’t really have the whole niche topic down yet. Can someone please explain to me some niches that could possibly be found in my backyard? Just explain to me what the niches of a bird, spider, and something else are. Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

That’s a weird question. Is this for homework?

My eyes are crossing trying to figure this one out. I googled “Niche bird spider” try this website below:

Susan asks…

why is not possible for two different species to have identical ecological niches?

im not really understand meaning of niches.can i have the detail explanation on it.

New Niche Finder answers:

A niche is basically the role a particular animal acts out in it’s particular environment. An animal that hunts large prey has a particular niche. An animal that hunts small animals has a different niche. Why, because they occupy different roles in their environment. Each animal has adapted itself to fill a niche in it’s environment, that does not put it into direct competition with other animals. If all hunter animals hunted the same prey, then their food source could easily go extinct. If all animals that ate plants ate the identical plants, then their food source could easily go extinct also.

Mary asks…

What are some good online niches to affiliate market in?


This is a longshot, but I’m getting into affiliate marketing, and would like to know if anyone out there happens to know some good niches to get into.

New Niche Finder answers:

Finding the right Niche is a very important question when starting your Internet/Affiliate marketing business, You can not even think of starting till you know what Niche your products, services or affiliate promotions will appeal to.

Here are a few steps and resources that may help you out.
1. Brainstorming, This is the best method when you are trying to figure out what to build your product or service around as well as choosing the right Affiliate promotions.
Get a pen and paper and write done all the things you are passionate about,

Now Next Right done all the things you are good at
Combine the two lists to find 3-5 matches in from each of the lists. Now narrow that done to 1 or 2 and begin,

2.Your Keyword research, Keyword research will help you to find very narrow specific topics that surround your Niche, Remember, The more narrow the search term the better, these are the people searching for exactly what you have to offer. Narrowing your topic down will also help you get free traffic as well as reduced PPC fees. A great tool I use for Keyword Research is Keyword Elite.

3. Product creation or affiliate promotion, Do you have enough Knowledge of the subject to write your own product?
If so then go right ahead and do it, A good tool helping you to create your own product is Overnight product Creation, By: Brian McElroy and its even FREE!

Affiliate promotions are great, You don’t have to have your own products or services you only need knowledge of the products or services you wish to promote. Some great ways to promote your affiliate promotions are, Blogs,PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing. Social and viral marketing, Really the list of advertising opportunities is endless. One place to find good affiliate products to promote is

4.Build your traffic and email list, Rinse and repeat. Build traffic to your product or affiliate promotion pages by witting articles, participating in forums, and using PPC AND SEO methods.
One tool I use all the time for my PPC campaigns is Speed PPC

Affiliate marketing will make you money, When you approach it the right way with the right systems and a good plan.

Please check out
How to start an Affiliate business internet marketing online

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For more info and Good Luck!

Donna asks…

Where’s the best place to get highly profitable niche keywords at the lowest price?

I’m an Internet marketing professional. I would like to know the best place to get specific niches or micro niches with high profit and low competition. Choice of the niches is irrelevant.
Please let me know where i can get them at the lowest prices with good quality.

New Niche Finder answers:

First of all getting to find keywords is the best option. You can use the various keyword finding softwares like market samurai, keyword tracker. They do have their cost but in the long run it might pay off. Also for free you can use the google keyword analyst tool, which is a good method to get niches.
But to get the best results, without spending hours or days for a perfect nichekeyword its best to find the professionals.
The service with the lowest price and the highest quality is a gig i saw at fiverr. It’s a relatively new gig and before the user realize the real value and hike up the price get it. It has some good reviews too.It’s better because it offers the greatest no of niches with good quality for such a low price.
Many of the others offer their service starting with 1 nichekeyword for 10 $.
Its at : http://fiverr.com/iriscoolvalue/give-highly-profitable-dream-nichemicroniche-with-high-trafficlow-competition-with-targeted-keywordniches-you-can-dominate-in-10-days

Ken asks…

Completely define and explain the concept of niche, including the difference between habitat and niche.?

In nature, all organisms have a delicate and balanced relationship with their environment. One critical aspect of this relationship is a species’ niche. Completely define and explain the concept of niche, including the difference between habitat and niche, the two types of niches, the various factors and principles that can influence niche size, how competition effects niche (and the resources involved with niche), and how organisms deal with reduction in the size of their niches.


New Niche Finder answers:

Is this a homework question? Lol, I’ll help.

Okay, niche is the combination of where an organism lives and the type of activities that an organism does. In order to understand niche, we need to talk about species. A simple definition of a species is a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

An example may help here. If two dogs breed, they will produce puppies that can later breed. Since they are able to do this, dogs are a species of animal. Now let’s see if you understand the term species.

Example – If a horse and a donkey breed, they will produce a mule. A mule is sterile and cannot produce offspring. Are the horse and donkey the same species? If you said no, you have a good idea of the definition. Remember, not only must the organisms be able to breed, but their offspring must also be able to reproduce.

When we talk about an organism’s niche, we are actually talking about the species, not just one organism.

The sole difference between niche and habitat, is that a habitat is a place where an organism specifically needs to survive depending on what type of organism it is. Niche on the other hand is what and organism does and where it lives and focuses soley on the organism itself rather than around it like a habitat.

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