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Your Questions About New Niches

Richard asks…

Does anyone know where to get a niche blog already made?

I want to put up a niche blog – and I’m looking for a cheap blog to buy.

New Niche Finder answers:

Ill make you one,lol but I do not know what niche is

i made this blog girlygroup.com

which is pretty easy/hard

Chris asks…

What is the definition of a niche?

I need the the definition of a niche for my science vocab and I can’t seem to find a definition relating to science anywhere. Please help! Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

A niche is a living things job for the environment. Example: bees pollinate, plants make oxygen, etc.

Mary asks…

what are the niches of the following cichlids and how do they effect the environment?

i am doing a pl project (personalized learning) in science and i am doing it on cichlids i was wondering how the folloing cichlids effect the environment and what there niches are:

redfin hap
kenyi cichlid
malawi eyebiter
yellow tailed acei
rusty cichlid
bumblebee cichlid
electric yellow lab
powder blue
malawi golden cichlid
red zebra

these are for the malawi pages of my assignment

New Niche Finder answers:

Define niches..

Linda asks…

can you set a successful niche social network biz using ning or social go?

I want to set up a niche social network business, on a shoestring budget is a good idea to set it up with ning or social go?
which one gives more control?

New Niche Finder answers:

It all depends on how you market your network, and what the niche is you’re marketing to.
Keep in mind that the big social networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) are successful because they are open to everyone. The users create groups on those sites and interact with people that have similar interests that way. Let the users do the dirty work for you, but having them tell you what they want.
Just keep in mind that if your niche is Dog Lovers or Car Enthusiasts, you’re automatically eliminating the Cat Lovers and Bike Riders from your subscriber base.

Nancy asks…

if one niche is spelled niche than how do you spell more than one niche?

niches or something else?

New Niche Finder answers:

I agree with tichur, except that since it is a French word, I prefer to pronounce it in the French manner, which to me sounds more erudite: “neesh”, with pleural being “neeshes”. (However, in French, pleural would be “les niches” pronounced “lay neesh”, which obviously does not work in the English language, so you can only carry the French thing just so far.)

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