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Your Questions About New Niches

Susan asks…

I want to know more about Market Niche?and what is market segmentation?

As student of Business school,I want to know more about Market Niche and what is market segmentation?How many types of market segmentation?

New Niche Finder answers:

Segmentation refers to “the identification of likeminded clusters of consumers who can be expected to behave in similar ways, making similar ways decisions in the marketplace in similar situations.” When it comes to fitness products, segments can be based on gender, age, physical ability of the consumer and the income level. Segmenting market should be done according to the STP process and thereafter develop a suitable marketing plan to deliver expected benefits. Segmenting the market involves a complicated and risky process as it can determine the success and failure of an organization because poor segmentation always leads to poor sales of the product. Under this complicated process of segmentation, there are 03 major aspects discussed namely:

Segment Bounding
Segment Viability
Segmentation Strategies

To read more about market segmentation please visit:


Michael asks…

What is a quillworts job or ecological niche?

I have to do a report for science on a quillwort and i really needa know what its ecological niche is!i searched everywhere!help please!!

New Niche Finder answers:

Isoëtes, commonly known as the Quillworts, is the genus of plants in the class Isoetopsida and order Isoetales. The order Isoetales is sometimes placed in the class Isoetopsida, sometimes in the Selaginellopsida or Lycopsida. They are considered “fern allies”. There are about 140-150 species, with a cosmopolitan distribution but often scarce to rare. Some botanists split the genus, separating two South American species into the genus Stylites.

Quillworts are mostly aquatic or semi-aquatic in clear ponds and slow-moving streams, though several (e.g. I. Histrix, I. Nuttallii) grow on wet ground that dries out in the summer. Quillwort leaves are hollow and quill-like, arising from a central corm. Each leaf is narrow, 2-20 cm long (exceptionally up to 100 cm) and 0.5-3 mm wide; they can be either evergreen, winter deciduous, or dry-season deciduous. They broaden to a swollen base up to 5 mm wide where they attach in clusters to a bulb-like, underground rhizome characteristic of most quillwort species, though a few (e.g. I. Tegetiformans) form spreading mats. This swollen base also contains male and female sproangia, protected by a thin, transparent covering (velum), which is used diagnostically to help identify quillwort species. They are heterosporous. Quillwort species are very difficult to distinguish by general appearance. The best way to identify them is by examining the megaspores under a microscope.

Many species, such as the Louisiana Quillwort and the Mat-forming Quillwort, are Endangered species. Several species of Isoetes are commonly called Merlin’s grass, especially I. Lacustris, but also the endagered species I. Tegetiformans and I. Virginica.

Quillworts are considered by some to be the last remnant of the fossil tree Lepidodendron with which they share some unusual features including the development of both wood and bark, a modified shoot system acting as roots, bipolar growth, and an upright stance.

As for an ecological niche, it is a term describing the relational position of a species or population in its ecosystem. A shorthand definition of niche is how an organism makes a living. The ecological niche describes how an organism or population responds to the distribution of resources and competitors (e. G., by growing when resources are abundant, and predators, parasites and pathogens are scarce) and how it in turn alters those same factors (e.g., limiting access to resources by other organisms, acting as a food source for predators and a consumer of prey).

Hope that helps you out!

Linda asks…

Thinking about starting up with Adsense which Niche should I try out?

I’m advanced with SEO but find it annoying when choosing niches, sounds odd I know but it’s the way I am. I have been reading some ebooks based on developing Adsense niche sites but you need a good niche or it’s worthless.

I guess what I’m asking here is has anyone has success with anything in particular. If anyone could help me out it would be great, I will appreciate it greatly etc….

New Niche Finder answers:

Ladies and gents under garments, for example bras, underwear, plus size clothes, jeans, etc have high paying click rates and also most searched. Try garments. Mine is same and im earning almost 30 $ daily .

Helen asks…

Is anybody interested in a list of adsense niche sites?

I have been coming across alot of adsense niche sites while doing keyword research and have started to make a list. Would anybody be interested in a list of xfactor and clickbumb type sites?

New Niche Finder answers:


Yes please – that would be great.

Another great place to share this info is in the professional forum. Www.Warriorforum.com.

Its a forum, only dedicated to internet-marketers.


Maria asks…

How do you correctly pronounce the word “niche”?

Like niche market, for example. Is it nitch or neesh?

New Niche Finder answers:

Neesh or nitch, either is acceptable

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