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Your Questions About New Niches

Ruth asks…

Decorative ideas for the Niche in the entrance of the house?

HI all,

I have a niche which is painted in choclate brown color (Latte). And this is the foryer facing the entrace. So we need some ideas to decorate this place. As this is facing entrance we want some thing nice in this…

I only have idea of flower vases,, I think there are lot more creative people over there.. so please share your ideas…

Thanks for all ur time and effort…:)

Thanks all…
the niche dimension are 4 ft height 2ft width and 1.5 ft depth.
200 dollars….is our budget.

New Niche Finder answers:

How large is this niche and what is the style of your home ?
Do you have a budget ?

Chris asks…

When interspecific competition occurs between two species with similar niches:?

neither species is harmed or benefits from the interaction.

one species is harmed because only one species can expand its ecological niche.

both species are harmed because access to resources is reduced.

both species will be driven to extinction.

both species benefit from the interaction because each species expands its ecological niche.

New Niche Finder answers:

In the short term,
both species are harmed because access to resources is reduced.

In the longer term, typically one species will be driven out of the niche — either it will have evolved to occupy a different niche, or be extinct. This is called
Gause’s Law of competitive exclusion
It’s not really a law, since there are exceptions where species coexist in the same niche, e.g. Marine phytoplankton.

Laura asks…

hello all. what is the best way off finding a profitable niche with regards to google adwords?

i have just started web design and am looking to make my first site content based so hopefully in return i would get a high pay out per click with the right niche. any ideas or points in the right direction would be great. thanks!!

New Niche Finder answers:

One step would be to find the highest cost per click keywords at Google AdWords. If marketers pay that much for a keyword, it must be a profitable niche. But then, of course, you will have to consider the competition.

Paul asks…

What is sufficient and comprehensive enough in a Internet Marketing Package?

I’m in the midst of creating a NICHE, informative, cheap and practical internet marketing package. It includes, how to create your own products, website creation, become master affiliate marketers, proven traffic generation tools, SEO tips, make real money online, etc…

My question is how much would you pay for such a comprehensive package ? BTW also give me your comments on what else should be included in the package and I’ll see to it.

New Niche Finder answers:

A little late for the NICHE. I’m not trying to rain on your parade.
Appreciate my candor. There are so many available now, your first hurdle is ranking up there for visibility. But before you do so, do some more homework on competitive price / service analysis; stand alone packages, and various bundled versions of complimenting tools.
A great way is to create your blog, the most effective medium to gain some trust first, definitely an RSS from your site with meaningful tips to drive traffic to your services.
I wish you the best.

Helen asks…

Does anyone know the name of the artist who carved the religious statues for architect A. Hays Town?

Louisiana architect A.Hays Town used religious niches carved from wood and set against tile, in the gardens of many of his homes. Does anyone know where to find these niches?

New Niche Finder answers:

Try searching here;
or ask here; Situated adjacent to the original 1967 University Art Museum (a replica of an antebellum plantation home designed by Louisiana architect A. Hays Town), this new museum building serves as a backdrop to the original and defines the edge of a new sculpture garden and plaza. The 33,000-sq.-ft. Program includes lobby and public spaces, permanent collection and changing exhibit galleries, museum offices, archival storage and art support spaces. Http://www.louisianacontractor.com/projects/04_Bestof/judgesAward_design.asp
One of the sites within this answer should be able to help you further with your question.
If it is at all possible to obtain these niches, a Replica, I doubt seriously that you would be able to obtain an Original due to it’s historical value, the Univeristy or the Alumni should know.
Louisiana Faces – Images from a Renaissance from the Louisaina State University-http://www.lsu.edu/lsupress/Books/Photography_Art/GouldLAFacesAHays.html
ALABAMA HISTORY AND CULTURE IN THE NEWS; – Main listings page is here. Http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews9.htm
Try contacting the Alumni at this next site;
The Heymann House was built on East St. Mary Boulevard near UL Lafayette for Mr. And Mrs. Maurice Heymann. It has a rich history and is one of Lafayette’s most recognized landmarks.
The alumni wing today houses the offices of the staff of the Alumni Assocation and is located behind the Alumni House in the Alumni Courtyard. It contains six offices, a conference room, a lobby and a workroom complete with mailing equipment, fax machines and copier. Yet to be completed is the second story of the wing and is currently used as a storage area for the Association’s archives, event supplies and numerous props.

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