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Your Questions About New Niches

Betty asks…

What is the easiest and fastest way to get my squidoo lens indexed ?

Recently I created few lenses on niche. I want to get them indexed. Does anyone on here know any simplest and fastest way to get my lenses indexed? Thank you very much for your help.

New Niche Finder answers:

A Squidoo web page is called a lens. In order to get traffic you must learn how to get your lens indexed with Google and other search engines.

Many online marketers use this type of page for their main presence on the web.

The first thing necessary to do of course is pick a keyword or keyword phrase that will be the main keyword for your page or lens. This will be the most likely keyword that people will type into Google’s search window when they are looking for information in your niche. Pick the keyword carefully and make sure there is light enough competition for that keyword to allow you to get first page placement with the search engine.

Now, place that keyword in the URL of your lens. For example, if your keyword phrase is “be successful with eBay”, your URL would be www.squidoo.com/besuccessfulwithebay

Your lens will be divided into segments called modules. Place your main keyword or phrase in the title of your lens as well as in the first module of your page.

Somewhere in your lens,at least once, you should place a link that is composed of the main keyword or phrase. You can link it to an affiliate product you are promoting or to your other sites or home pages, or to other lenses.

Now write and submit an article or two about your topic. Center the content around your main lens keyword. Use your lens URL in the article.This will help you get indexed with Google and will start some traffic to your lens.

Chris asks…

How to drive traffic to my niche websites?

Can anyone help me think of innovative ways to drive traffic to niche websites?

I have 2 sites that I am trying to drive traffic to. Let’s just say traffic/clicks are slow at the moment. One is a retirement information resource called http://afteriretire.com, the other is a dorm room shopping site, http://ballerdorm.com.

Your suggestions are appreciated.


New Niche Finder answers:

I’ve taken a look at your retirement site. From what I can tell, there are only 3 pages. If you really want to get a significant amount of traffic, you need to add a lot more content – about 50 pages or so.

I know that sounds daunting, but you will only really draw traffic if the search engines see you as a legit information site that really helps people. You can start out with the three pages you have and then make more pages branching off of each one.

For instance, in the Income page, do another page linking from each step that goes into more detail about that step, etc.

As you flesh out your sites, you can then submit them to free or paid directories which will also increase your ranking in the search engines. Too, you can get link exchanges with other related sites, perhaps from retirement community sites, etc.

This is just a few ideas. For more detailed helpful info., check out the free ebooks available in my profile. They were a help to me when I was getting started. You may benefit from reading them as well.

All the best.

Donald asks…

How much blog traffic will affect to my blog if I convert my blog name with different domain name?

Actually my blog name is not relevant to my blog niche..in this time i want to convert my blog to a website through blogger
but i dont know if i will do it ,then how much will affect my blog traffic?

New Niche Finder answers:

Lots, having the right name will get you lot of traffic. Would you ever enter a shop named ‘Shoe shine’ to buy flower? No right, because the name ‘shoe shine’ makes you think of shoe’s not flower.
Similarly, if your blog name is not relevant to your niche, it wont strike up in mind of many serious visitors, and you will lose out on a large chunk of traffic.

My suggestion, definitely do convert your blog name to something more relevant, that fits in with your niche. That way
1. New users searching for your niche on search engines, are more likely to come across you.
2. You blog will sound more professional and serious
3. Your blog can achieve better page rank on Google
4. You can earn more revenue from your blog, as you will get more visitors
5. It will add a fresh appeal to your blog.

Make sure you inform your current followers, in advance that you are going to change your blog name. Better still you can run a contest/ ask suggestion from your current followers for what the new name should be. That will be lot more fun for everybody involved.

Joseph asks…

what does ecological niche mean in the following sentence?

An acid rain damaged forest contains fewer environmental niches for wildlife.

New Niche Finder answers:

Mean habitat.

David asks…

Does anyone have an example of a niche website?

I was just wanting to see what a niche website looks like relatively. I am wanting to make one of my own, but i don’t know where to begin…

New Niche Finder answers:

I have met similiar problem before, here list of sites http://sitefinance5.notlong.com/9AArYon

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