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Your Questions About New Niches

Jenny asks…

what is the best tool for keyword research?

I want to buy a tool that tells me exactly… what people are looking for, how many searches there are, and how many results there are. Also i would like soething that allows me to dig down and find small niches

any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

While I think everyone here has excellent answers I have found it best to spy on what your competition is doing. There are several tools on the following site that can help you with that. Keep in mind that while there are many good keyword generators out there they are only as good as the initial data submitted to them so if you’re way off base from the beginning you could end up going down the wrong path.

Look at what others are doing in your niche and you are guaranteed to go the right direction. Make sure you download the FREE eBook as it helps.


Carol asks…

I am a commercial insurance producer. What are the most profitable industries to go after?

I just got started in commercial insurance, property & casualty, risk management, workers comp, etc. I have been told I need to find a niche to specialize in and go after it. My goal obviously is to find a market that will compensate extremely well. Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

Commissions are all about the same, except for workers comp which stinks for the work you have to put into it.

The big key is, finding a niche where you ALSO have a market happy to write it. Many carriers won’t touch a hotel/motel. Many won’t do gas stations. Pizza shops are too small, manufacturers can be high hazard. Printers are high fire hazard. Governmental entities are hard to place, and there’s extreme competition, plus they get shopped out every year.

It’s hard for someone ELSE to suggest a niche market that you can work in. What has worked for ME, is the video/televison production area. LOL DON’T ask me to share my markets with you!! You’ll have to dig up your own, and build your OWN relationships with the underwriters.

Lisa asks…

I want to start my internet business but dont know where to start?

I am a stay at home mom, and I want to build my own content rich internet website. I am looking for profitable niche markets but I cant decide what topic I should choose for my website. Any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

You have already begun to put the correct foot forward. Seeking the right niche is a great start. Http://www.entrepreneur.com/ebusiness/index.html has great examples, ideas and tips. The web host that my wife and I used to build our site http://www.simply-blueberries.com has many examples and Ideas from other stay at home moms at http://wahm.sitesell.com/UnstoppableDreams.html Both sites may spark some ideas that match your own interests.


Sandy asks…

Are white tigers endangered, and what are it’s niches?

I’m doing a brochure for my science class and we are supposed to be doing an endangered animal and as I have researched I’ve found out that most white tigers are inbred, which is why they are white, through a specific gene.

The main thing is to tell how they became endangered, what can we do to help them, and what are it’s niche/s.

Thanks in advance for any help (:

New Niche Finder answers:

White tigers are not a different species or subspecies – they are simply Bengal tigers with a genetic condition called leucism, which results in reduced pigmentation. This is not the same as albinism, which is a complete lack of pigment – an albino tiger would have no stripes, and have pink eyes, not blue.

Tigers are an endangered species due to habitat loss and people hunting them, both for their fur and for their bones, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine (though they have no proven medicinal value at all). White tigers are naturally rarer than normally coloured ones, for two reasons. Firstly, leucism is passed on by recessive genes, meaning that two tigers which carry the gene must mate, and both must pass on the leucistic gene to the offspring in order for that offspring to be white (if only one parent passes on the leucistic gene, the offspring will be normally coloured, since the gene for normal coloured fur, passed on by the other parent, is dominant over the leucistic gene). Secondly, most white cubs born will be killed by predators whilst young and vulnerable, since they lack the natural camouflage of normally coloured tigers – their colour makes them stand out as an obvious target. Those that do make it to adulthood have a hard time hunting for the same reason – their colour makes it easier for their prey to see them coming.

The niche of the tiger, regardless of its colour, is that of a top predator. Tigers have no natural enemies – they hunt other animals for food, and nothing hunts them (except for humans, sadly).

White tigers are common in captivity as they are a draw for zoos and wildlife parks. Unfortunately, this has led to some unscrupulous breeding in the past, and many captive white tigers are now inbred and suffer the detrimental results.

Linda asks…

How Tightly Niched Do You Think A Social Networking Site Should Be…?

…and what niche social Networking sites are you a member of?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think being focused is a good thing. I am member of several different forums and the main topic may be kayaking for instance. Then their will be several categories that will not pertain to kayaking

These sub categories maybe SEO, General Chat and politics.

Develop your site to your interest but your marketing efforts would be better to focus on a niche.

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