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Your Questions About New Niches

Donald asks…

How do I get traffic to my blog and make $2000 through ad-sense in the first month of inception?

I just started blogging and have not made a penny till date of inception, I want to start making at least @2000 every single month through Google ad-sense. How do I go about it and what is the best niche to use in achieving this goal of mine?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you mean blogging like what most folks do then you won’t earn that much thru adsense even in 5 years. Anyhow you can earn that much making 10 micro niche blog targeting each to make just around $200 per month.

It is possible but then you still need somewhere around 6 month time to come to that income for each blog. If you good and lucky maybe 3 month is achievable. But then the learning curve is going to be steep. Only the strong will survive. Even tech savvy is having a bad time.

Joseph asks…

Why is it important that Millipedes and Centipedes each have a leg (or two) to stand on?

Studying for a Biology final and can’t find the answer to this in my text. Also, if possible, compare and contrast the niches for millipedes and centipedes. PLEASE HELP!

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t Know alot about this but I would assume since they have a similar look to snakes but with a huge lack of muscles compared to snakes that they need them to move, or maybe they can squirm but they need their legs to grip on to leaves or trees or something

Donna asks…

What are the advantages of social media optimization?

I have heard about social media optimization (SMO) but I guess I just don’t fully understand the concept. What are the advantages of it for someone like me who makes niche affiliate marketing websites?

New Niche Finder answers:

Although it sounds confusing, social media optimization is basically generating traffic to your sites through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and submission sites like Digg. This could mean that you sign up for a Twitter account and you add a Twitter feed on your blog or auto-post your new blog posts on your Twitter page.

It could also mean adding a Digg button on your website to allow your readers to submit the article to the social media community. The way that this works is that if it gets enough digs on the site, it will be featured on the home page or category page and more people will be aware of the article and will come visit your site.

Other social media optimization features could be YouTube, Ning.com, any forums, and blogging communities. The advantages of using these are that you draw more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website may lead to more affiliate sales for you.

Since you are setting up multiple niche websites, you most likely are not using your real name on the sites or not letting people know that you own all these affiliate websites (this is how most people do it). So some of these social media sites may not work for you if you want to maintain your anonymous site. Check out www.mattbacak.com as he has some great advice on social media and affiliate marketing.

Michael asks…

Are goalie Pads a traditional, fad, or niche type of product?

Do think goalie pads, specifically Reebok P3’s are what type of product.
Traditional, Niche, or fad?

support your answer if you can. thx
errr, i understand that. Im looking at this from a business perspective. this if for a business assignment. what type of product it is. lol

New Niche Finder answers:

The Premier Series pads (p3 being the most recent version) are flat faced and do not have knee rolls; as such, they’re geared toward a butterfly/profly style goalie).

Niche is not a style of pad.

Pads are in three basic styles: butterfly, traditional/standup, and hybrid.

Traditional pads are hard to find; Bauer’s Supreme line are about the closest.

Hybrid pads (which likely have knee rolls) are becoming more and more common.

Helen asks…

How To Drive Free Traffic To My Simple Webite?

I have a simple niche site and I plan to sell some products as affiliate. Do you know how to attract visitors to my site with free targetted traffif ? Any help will appreciate.

New Niche Finder answers:

Try searching in google for forums,blogs,worldpress,ect,that
have same niches as yours. Secondly, you need to participate
at the forums and answer the questions or ask any questions / comments, then you can leave any signature file with a link to your site.

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