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Your Questions About New Niches

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to remove small dents on Mag type wheels?

I accidentally niched my mag wheels, is there a way to rub off the scratches that are there?

New Niche Finder answers:

It depends on the finish-are the wheels painted, polished, machine finish, Diamond cut machine finished, or chrome plated? I would not recomend trying anything until we know the finish-you may worsen the problem to the point where the repair cost may outway the valueof the wheels-you may e-mail me if you choose to.

Betty asks…

In biology How can the success of one group of organism promote the adaptive radiation of a second group?

A. by providing new food resources, habitats, etc. for the second group
B. by competing with the second group, promoting its adaptive radiation
C. preying on the second group, which hastens its adaptation
D. by developing new adaptations, which are then “copied” by the second group through directed mutation
E. by filling most of the available niches, which forces the second group to evolve greater diversity

New Niche Finder answers:

If this is talking about Generations, which I believe it is.. I’d simply say D, even though the wording is a tad odd.. They don’t develop adaptations, the ones with adaptations simply survive and mate and pass on their adaptations, the others die.

Michael asks…

What is a niche? As in related to biology?

I’m doing a power point presentation for biology, and so far, I’ve done about 25 slides. I have to include the niche of the organisms I am describing. I’ve gone on many websites to see what a niche is, and it mostly said the location of where the organism is found. Is this right? Because i’ve already done over 20 slides, and it would be a pain to go back and change all….. Please tell me its right!!?

New Niche Finder answers:

A shorthand definition of “niche” is how an organism makes a living, and the organism’s role in the environment. The niches of organisms vary in the locations that they are found.

Many organisms perform well under certain conditions and in certain environments. A shark’s niche is being a predator in the oceans. The niche of a shark would not be to climb trees.

Our niche? Survival through intelligence.

Donna asks…

Where can I find the best topics for writing articles?

I am searching for over 5,000 niche articles that have unique topics so I can write unique articles. Article Marketing is very competitive when it comes to affiliate marketing but I would love to give it a try. Does anyone know where these article topics or have these topics?

New Niche Finder answers:

DMOZ.org is one of the best places ever for ideas for articles and Niches. Doing a forums search in google is also a good bet.

James asks…

How would I make a website that allows members to buy and sell digital content?

I would like to build a niche website that I think will really take off. It would involve sellers and customers both joining and being able to process payments through the site, and sell digital content. Any pointers/links that could help would be fantastic! Thank you!

New Niche Finder answers:

If you want to make such site which will be easier to handle then try a professional CMS from EXYMedia. They’ll build your desired site in cheapest price.

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