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Your Questions About New Niches

Mark asks…

How fast will biodegradable plastics decompose?

I think I am misunderstanding how new biodegradable plastics would work, and would like someone to clear it up for me. I always save my plastic grocery bags to use as lunch bags, trash bags, and even shower caps. If every grocery store went green and invested in these fancy biodegradable plastics would the plastics “rot” in my kitchen cabinet and attract little insects that niches include decomposing.

New Niche Finder answers:

They don’t usually decompose that fast. My roommates eat at some places that gives you composting plastic spoons. They seem tougher than the flimsy plastic spoons and we’ve put them through the dishwasher at least twenty times. I don’t notice any degrading and they hold up much better than the thinner cheaper regular plastics. I think the bags will rip before they start attracting bugs via decomposition. Also, I believe bacteria are the ones that break the stuff down, not fruit flies. Normal plastic will slowly break down if it is exposed to sunlight, so i think they become useless (get holes or start snapping) at about the same rate anyway.

Richard asks…

What is the niche of the northern white rhino?

A niche is the spacific role an animal plays their job

New Niche Finder answers:

The role of rhinos within the environment is a very important one. The rhino is essentially a browser, feeding mainly on shrubs, legumes and noxious weeds, many of which are poisonous to other animals. By cleanly clipping larger branches and twigs, they promote fresh soft shoots that sustain a large variety and number of other herbivores during the dry seasons. By ridding the pastures of toxic weeds, they inhibit their spread, thereby improving the grazing for others.

They are a highly successful species in terms of Nature, moderate in their food requirements, modest in their need for space. Were it not for the insane demand for their horn in the Far and Middle East, and indeed, for all their body components, which are enmeshed in myth and superstition, rhinos today would be as numerous as they were when the world was new.

Carol asks…

What are good websites to submit guest posts to?

I’m a freelance writer and I’m looking for websites that focus on niches such as business, food, wine, fashion, home design, etc. I have several works pending here. I just want to know which sites are accepting guest posts. Thanks!
Stephen, are you serious? The site you gave is useless…sorry, friend.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think you are looking for a website like proguestwriting.com they have a list of blogs that use guest writers and also allow you to register as a writer so other blogs can hire you!

John asks…

How do I get my book idea picked up?

I have 19 years of intense experience in a niche field, and I have a book series planned, which I have been developing for ten years. How do I get a publisher interested in what Ihave to offer?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you have intense experience in a niche field, that definitely might give you some clout with publishers. If you’ve never written a book before, though, you’ll need to write the first one. Once you have it in tip top shape, then you query agents because most publishers don’t take unsolicited manuscripts.

Helen asks…

Is having a niche market an opportunity or strength?

A company has niche market(specific audience). Is this an Opportunity or Strength?

New Niche Finder answers:

My opinion it is an opportunity and you can develop it and make it as your strength

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