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Your Questions About New Niches

Ruth asks…

What’s the best way possible to go about getting photography work?

Hiya. Okay, so I have gotten my associates degree in professional photography. I’ve done a couple weddings which was fun, but I’m mostly specializing in fine art or niche items. Any tips on getting my foot into a door or where to look at for jobs?
I’m willing to relocate to anywhere in the world, but I am American and preferring work in Europe. Would love to work over there.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m mostly specializing in fine art or niche items – what?

So what is it, you specialise in fine art or what niche?

To general, in todays market you need to have a niche and be spectacular at it to get regular work, so whats your niche? Put a portfolio in that niche and go show it to people hire fotogs in that niche

eg – your niche is motox – put a piortfolio of motox images together, then go show them to the editors of motox mags, if your niche is architects…………………………… If your niche is advertising/translucence/product/adventure/sailing/food/gardening/ – – -et cetera et cetera

Charles asks…

What websites would you like to see more of?

Is there any websites you think there should be more of? Or what kind of website niches do you think would be a great idea? I’m entering a Norwegian competition for a website idea, and could need some brainstorming. Could be a spin-off from an international idea, since it’s in Norway, so I’m open for all ideas.

New Niche Finder answers:

Likethis….much pc haker who wanna help like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And quick ask quick ans

George asks…

As a 17 year old how do I go around making a real estate listings website? (City properties only (my niche)?

I’m thinking of starting a real estate listing website, but having a niche of just city based properties (e.g Dubai, London, Paris, LA etc..) how would you recommend I go around this?

And if not do you have any business ideas I could do regarding the travel and real estate industry?

I’m simply enquiring so no rants please & I’m not planning on making a living off this, just making some extra cash!

Thank you ever so much:)

New Niche Finder answers:

Is this as well as opening a bar in Manchester and laying vinyl floors. You are a busy person Joe.

There is NO real estate in the UK, just Estate Agencies and property buying.

Mandy asks…

Which is the best Amazon daily deals poster plugin?

I would like to know which plugin can automatically pick the daily deals from Amazon and post them to my site when they come up. I need it for WP sites. Also, tell me if it can target daily deals from certain niches. THANKS!

New Niche Finder answers:

Hey there, I found this great plugin that helped me over the last week to cash in some good money and made me extremely happy when I saw that it’s automatic and it’s growing. And to answer your last question, yes, it can be configured in a way to track certain niches and post them automatically.

Mary asks…

What is the best way to make money to support a family?

I’m a responsible* 27 year old, associate degree, hard worker with 3 kids. Now at my 8 year point in the military and ready to have a normal life (not re-enlist my contract)- I want to be free of “the system” and live for my family and not caught up in life as a pawn.

With the job force in survival mode, fighting for scraps over limited employment options-getting my BA degree is causing me to think twice if it means job life will be just as bad as being caught in-between the thumb and forefinger of a narcissistic boss. Plus, the time spent going back to school is a critical balance as no main income will eat away my savings. I’m seeking out the idea of starting my own business and be my own boss… if possible.

Apart from the endless scams on the internet for making money, niches, etc… For those with life experience, If you had to start over and be fully serious for bringing in the bacon, what would you do if you where in my position?

The service has transition programs- but what is taught is mostly common sense. I’m willing to do anything if it means I can fulfill my desire to live free being there for my family and not as a pirate in the slave-debt controlled-federal monster-police republic the Man is becoming.

*I am not a partier, have no debt, and a strong savings, just not sure of the next step.

New Niche Finder answers:

Brad I totally feel you but right now isn’t the time to leave the military. I am within the military also and have friends leaving with the same mind frame as you but they can not find work so they re-enlist. I joined at 18yrs old and I have been within the military for 12yrs. I’m going for the whole 20yrs within this military then going to apply for a police or another government job so I would get another pension

I would have two pensions, one started at 38 and another completed by the age 58yrs old. I currently have a Roth IRA Account, my home would be paid off when I am 35yrs old and I already have a good savings and investment accounts. If it does not work out that way then I’ll be alright with my monthly pension from the military coming in at 38yrs old until I get things together out there within the U.S.A

This world is design for us to be within debt. It doesn’t make sense for any person to constantly apply for positions but can not find work. The system is design for people to have zero and people are cutting each other neck to keep them from getting ahead or having more then them. I understand that you get tired of the BS that the military offer but you have a family and that is your first priority. It is going to be tough out there. Its people out there that have numerous degrees but can not find work. I seen ex military people working at a security job making around $8.00 a hour. I’m doing the whole 20yrs so I can get my pension at 38yrs old. I feel that anything less then 20yrs or if you do not obtain a degree is a waste of time enlisting into the military but to each their own. People come into the military and are focus on women and parties. I’m focus on benefiting me because I know that it is twice as hard out there.

We have a steady income within this military but within the work force..Nothing is steady, not even a salary position…..

The problem is that people within the world do not realize that this world was created for us to work together as one but greed and selfishness came into the factor anyway Good Luck out there Brad….Take Care

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