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Your Questions About New Niches

Richard asks…

How does one go about selling arts and crafts?

Which arts and crafts would sell well? I’m trying to find a way to make something and pick up some extra money but I lack what apparent marketing niches there might be out here in Redmond.

New Niche Finder answers:

Check out Etsy.com, it’s a site where you can seel handmade arts and crafts. You could also post your work on Craigslists.com. If you’re really good, with fair prices you’ll make some money. Good luck!

Linda asks…

Are small websites being pushed out of the way by bigger ones?

Will small niche websites created by individuals still be profitable in the next few years? Take 3 years from now will these small websites still be used over the likes of amazon or ebay or something else? So in short is the future bright, the same, or dull for those in the process of creating small businesses online, especially those who haven’t a lot to invest?


New Niche Finder answers:

As long as smaller websites have unique content and their own take on a niche or product there will always be a place for them. You just have to come at things from a different angle to the big boys.

James asks…

At what age do most people start rolling with their careers?

I person can be 22 and graduate from college but as we all know it takes some time (years) to find that job where you find a niche in and feel that your career is finally starting to pick up? At what age do people (on average) start going with their intended career goals?

New Niche Finder answers:

I doubt if there is a norm. Many people change their plans, whether by choice or necessity, and i know i didn’t find my niche for a long time.
Women in their 40’s often find what they have been looking for, career-wise!!~!

Chris asks…

At What Age Do Most People Find Success in Their Careers on Average?

A lot of people struggle through life trying to find what their talents and niches. Many times, people eventually find success at some point. At what average age would you say most people find success?

New Niche Finder answers:

40 usually after you’re 10 years pro, you’re on top of your game.

Even for people who work in grocery stores, after 10 years their pays are around 14 bucks an hour from a minimum wage job!

I know dudes from trades, and all of them say 10 years, just because it takes around 5 years just to get licensed, and another 4-5 to get your master license; which is 10 years.

Sandy asks…

How has evolution influenced the skeleton design of a Meerkat?

For part of my assignment I need to know how evolution has influenced the design of a Meerkats skeleton and say how the animals skeletal design has adapted according to the ecological niche and their habitat through evolution.

New Niche Finder answers:

For starters, look at the attributes it has: small, four legs, relatively long and small girth, streamlined from heat to tail, hind legs are stronger and longer, tail has some strength

what it means: meerkats are designed to evade predators using agility and speed, but mostly their tunnels (as opposed to brute strength, size or, lethal abilities like venom) shape allows them to hide easily, limbs are designed for navigating tunnels, not so much for making them (they usually find tunnel systems made by others)
-they can stand on their hind legs for maximum height when scouting ie for predators, tail is used for balance
-they live in the plains, so being able to climb is useless, that is why they are adapted for moving on or under the ground to avoid becoming lunch

-the purpose of evolution is to allow designs that survive predators etc. To continue, while the ones that don’t work die off
-the ecological niche refers to how they survive (ie not all animals can be elephants to avoid predation, not enough food; if all prey was mouse-sized, all predators would be cat-sized)
not only do they need to survive, but they need to do it better or differently than anything else in the ecosystem therefore the meerkat niche is: being small,quick, and living in tunnels simply because nothing else does the same thing, and since they don’t need to compete, it is easier to live

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