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Your Questions About New Niches

Paul asks…

Can I build a website and register it as a business under my own corporation?

I’m planning on building a niche website and having the revenue entirely ad based. Can I have the website as my business under a Corporation?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes you can. In fact I’ve developed sites for that same reason and when you sign up as a publisher through adsense, clickbank, CJ, or whatever, you can just enter your business information. They will require you to fill out a W-9.

A great place to get started with the site is to use http://www.GotHosting.org which will allow you to install a lot of free Content Management Systems with a couple of clicks. Unlimited email accounts, and ftp accounts. Plans starting at $2.50 per month (http://www.GotHosting.org/special_deal.php). You can even setup your own package http://www.GotHosting.org/custom.php

John asks…

How does one start an insurance company?

I have an idea for an insurance company ina niche I feel is unexplored. I do not know the requirements and legal ramifications for starting an insurance company and would like some guidance in this area. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

You would need to ask the Department of Insurance in your particular state, because each state has differant legal and regulatory rules regarding the insurance business. I know you need to have enough reserve cash available to be able to pay claims and they have certain worst-case scenarios you have to be able to answer like – what if 10% of your insured suddenly had claims – could you pay??? I also know to sell insurance you have to have a licence and that you get that licence at the same place so check them out FIRST – I’m sure they can paint a picture for you. Also, check out www.score.org thats the Service Corps of Retired Execs. They are a SBA-affiliated nonprofit group that offer free start-up consulting nationwide. Good Luck.

Thomas asks…

How do I get exposure for my business?

I recently started a computer graphics company that is in a “niche” area. I have a website, getting it off the ground was easy, but I’m struggling to get exposure (only 1 or 2 hits a day). I have a coupon for Google Adwords, which I will use, but I’m also wondering what other ways can I get my business “out there” so to speak.

Any advice is appreciated.
I’m in the business of architectural illustration, modeling and animation.

New Niche Finder answers:

Which ever niche you are targeting don’t worry there are lot of opportunities online today to get exposure to your business.

You mentioned you were targeting graphics business, and think of the common places where the customers to your business hang around in the internet and then join them and start promoting your website to them. Do it in a professional manner because this is your new business and first impression counts.

More common places where you can find people in a particular niche is on forums. Join forums where people are discussing about your type of business and refer them or recommend your website to them in the signature link.

Join google groups and spread the word on your business. If you have some real value all these methods work like charm for you.

Also find people are asking questions on yahoo and answer to their questions with your link placed in the source reference so that people visit your site.

If you have spare time promote your site on search engines and if they rank higher for some of your business related keywords you will get more traffic.

Upon consistently doing all the above promotions you will see some real traffic flowing your way.

Good luck with your business..

Mary asks…

What is teh Niche of a African Wild Dog?

I keep looking for the answer and all that shows up is that it has the same niche of a wolf in africa but that doesnt help me because when i look up the niche of a wolf it wont help me SOMEONE HELP ME PWEESE

New Niche Finder answers:

African wild dogs live in the savannah, mountains, and land near rivers.

Ken asks…

How much blog traffic will affect to my blog if I convert my blog name with different domain name?

Actually my blog name is not relevant to my blog niche..in this time i want to convert my blog to a website through blogger
but i dont know if i will do it ,then how much will affect my blog traffic?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you want to change your blog name to a name relevant to your theme, then it will really affect a lot in the number of visitors coming to your blog. The best way to retain your current visitors is to use an http permanent 301 redirect to divert all the traffic to your blog.

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