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Your Questions About New Niches

Chris asks…

What it is called when a cash discount is given off a program?

this is a very niche question but i work at a community centre and a customer came in and registered for a program. She said she was told she would recieve a _______ but i cant remember what the exact word is. The program has run for 2 days already so she got a discount because she will not get as many classes. Any help is appreciated

New Niche Finder answers:

Normally when someone is offered a discounted rate because the program has already started, what’s offered is often called a “partial credit”, sometimes called a prorated credit. If those words don’t sound familiar, maybe she used “rebate” (which implies a cash refund).

Sandy asks…

Thinking of starting a Niche Site Store to make $ on the internet. Anybody done this?

Anybody familiar with the Niche Store/Site biz?
Thanks for your input!

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s not as easy as you’d think to set up a store online. I’ve just done one and you need a business account and payment gateway which can be difficult to get and cost money.

Look into it very thoroughly first.
It’s not as simple as simply adding products, prices and away you go.

Lisa asks…

Is there a printing company I can deal with directly that does what cafepress and deviant art do?

I want to start a niche site about one city, take photos and make them available for people to buy like cafepress and deviant art do. The photos can be printed onto canvas, mugs, handbags, posters, t-shirts. Does anyone know a company that deals with smaller niche sites so i won’t have to use cafepress or devianart?

New Niche Finder answers:


I have tried other screen printing sites (I do this often for work), and so far as I know, this is the best price with great quality and the topper for me was the great customer service and communication (what I look for). They have a pretty nice catalog on their website with a lot of options on plain shirts to choose from. (From stylish womens tee’s to heavy duty hanes)

I should be on their payroll with how much I advertise for them here! But they were very helpful. The guy I dealt with, his name is Matt B. I have his card and his phone number if you would like it! I know they offer specials and discounts also.

Good Luck!

Nancy asks…

How to determine the initial CPM / CTC for my start-up website?


I am a student in a post-secondary school and I am planning on opening a website. I offer customized services for niche markets. I would like to offer local business to advertise on the website.
How can i determine the CPM and CTC to charge them in the start-up phase?

New Niche Finder answers:

It depends on your traffic. If you don’t have the traffic yet, start with a low flat rate, letting them know they are getting in on the ground floor. Be honest with them, they appreciate it and will be more likely to take a chance with you.

Then once you’ve got a significant amount of traffic either model it after an ad network, or use an ad network.

Here a link that might give you more info as well: http://savvyblogging.net/how-much-should-i-charge-for-banner-ads/

Charles asks…

How long will it take website to get to the top 10 ranking?

I have a very niche category with low competition. My website is optimized with over 250 pages, good keyword density, optimized title and description tags, etc. How long will it take my website to reach the top 10 listing on yahoo or google?

New Niche Finder answers:

You will need to get extremely relevant links from other old and established sites… With your keyword in their link anchor text.

TOP 10 rankings cannot never be Guaranteed.
And anyone who tells you the opposite is lying.

Link building is also is ongoing process.

Usually it takes about 6-12 months to see the affect in rankings (and of course, it all depends on the keywords you’ve chosen).

Some keywords are so competitive, that it can take years to achieve good ranking… Some keywords will get you some traffic without no income links, zero pagerank…etc.

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