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Your Questions About New Niches

David asks…

Now that the Real Estate boom bubble burst! What is the new hype in Real Estate that people may need help?

I recently took a job as a loan officer, now with high interest rate; it is hard to find people to buy houses. I need to find a niche in the real estates industry besides doing loan for first time homebuyers. I am looking forward to read other people input.

New Niche Finder answers:

Open your mind set beyond the last 4 years when interest rates were super low. They are STILL low to people who have had mortgages 10-15 years ago when rates were 10%, 15% and even 20%.

Only people getting mortgages within the last several years think rates are high now. Explain to them the long term history of interest rates.

Find people with HELOC’s and convert them to Fixed rate loans.

As mentioned previously, there are many people with 2/28 and other ARMS that are going to want to convert to a fixed rate.

Attend a few Real Estate Investing group meetings. There are always people investing in Real Estate. Be there when they need you. Don’t start out being pushy, just get to know them and be there often.

Lizzie asks…

If an increase in dicynodont species diversity occurred soon after?

If an increase in dicynodont species diversity occurred soon afte
the Permian extinction and if it occurred for the same general reason usually given for the increase in mammalian diversity following the Cretaceous extinction then it should be attributed to

a) an innovation among the dicynodonts that allowed them to fill brand new niches
b) the availability pf previously occupied niches
c) the extinction of the dinosaurs (except birds)
d) the evolution of humans

i think its c but not sure..thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

But i am 80% sure its
d) The evolution of humans

Steven asks…

What are some good affiliate programs for my website that deals with new in MMA?

I am trying to make some extra money online. I love MMA and wanted to choose a niche that I had something to talk about, how do I make money in the MMA niche?


New Niche Finder answers:

Might want to try places like amazon. They have dozens of niches!

Susan asks…

Dinosauer extinction and scientific proves?

did the extinction of the dinosaurs whatsoever rapid really lead to the adaptive radiation of the mammals? Did they occupy the empty niches? Or where new niches created which were favourable for the survival of mammals?

New Niche Finder answers:


Evidence has shown what appears to be a “dead zone” after the asteroid hit that ended the era of the dinosaurs. This zone is not a place but a time period of 5000 years (This number varies greatly with each species). Remaining life forms were rare enough to require this time to grow into stable populations and then spread across the Earth.

The term ‘niche’ is used today to mean a tiny opportunity for a species to grow into a new area or use abandoned resources. With most of the world as ‘abandoned’ area, the term wouldn’t really apply to the dinosaur extinction.
With almost every area representing an entirely new habitat, adaptive radiation would have flourished for many species.

Nancy asks…

Does link trading still work?

I’ve got a new niche classifieds site and want to get all the search engine and viral marketing I can.

Does link trading actually help page rank or is that a bygone era?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes link trading does still work.

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