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Your Questions About New Niches Online

Michael asks…

Best way to advertise, promote or get visitors for a website?

I am a new (temporary) Webmaster – new to doing this. This just sort of got thrown my way on a temorary basis until a full-time Webmaster is hired to replace the old one.

What is the best way to promote an online dating website like www.uberdate.com? It offers traditional online dating as well as discreet relationships and intimate encounters, so it is not your typical online dating site, but it also does not allow nudity or fowl language. This kind of makes it cutting edge – filling two niches that are generally used for two separate websites – adult intimate dating and traditional relationship online dating.

New Niche Finder answers:

Just visited your site http://www.uberdate.com quite the interesting site and should be very popular, a few tricks is to look into “google adwords” (go to google.com and under the search bar click on advertising programs) if it is within your budget and spend some time researching “keywords” , offer incentives to members to sign up other members, and more detailed info visit the link below

James asks…

This One Is For The Ladies – What would you want from an online magazine?

I have been successfully blogging and marketing in many niches for about 4 years and am looking to turn my hand to something that I can really get my teeth stuck into, and have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for women.

I want to do something different, that you cant get everywhere else, which I appreciate is what anyone wants to do when creating something new… But I want to create something that is more “down to earth’ and real compared to what you find on your regular sites.

A few questions that I have for you ladies are

Do you currently regularly read any online magazines?
If so which sites, and if not, why not?

What topics would most interest you in an online magazine? What do you not find your regular magazines talk enough about?
Beauty? Fashion? Dating? Sex? Celebrity Gossip?

Any thoughts would be GREATLY welcomed.

Thank you ladies!!

New Niche Finder answers:

I would like more beauty tips and fashion tips, because many girls are concerned about their looks and need some tips. 😉

Lisa asks…

Would it be wise to post lyrics online?

I’m taking over as manager for my twin nieces; two adorably precocious 11 yr olds who rap. Billing themselves as Twitter Dum and Diddle D, the two have barnstormed the juicebox circuit and dolly stomped their way through daycare appearances, and are setting their sights on global recognition.

They want to get viral on YouTube, with their remix of “Spankin'”, from their original “Scribbled” mixtape.
Twitter Dum suggests posting her lyrics online, in serial tweets, while DIddle D collaborates with the gurus at Xylophone Tone Def Dubbers, to hash out the beats and melody.

No doubt, these two little girls are at the top of their game right now, and Twitter Dum thinks the lyrics leak would be just the move to help them carve a niche in the Jibba Rap genre.

Do you think its wise to let them post lyrics before publishing? Should they break out with new mixes before tossing these little pearls of wisdom before the communal swine? I tell them they are setting themselves up to have their lolli’s taken….what say you?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yeah you can but you should copyright them first.

Helen asks…

Divorced for over 4 years (44 years old) and need to ask?

First off I would like for a woman to answer this if I may ask.
Since I am 44 years old and at my heaviest weight (250lbs 6′ 4 1/2″) I have ever been I feel that im not attractive anymore. All the “Older” women love me and always say “If I weren’t married I would take you home with me in a heartbeat” LOL… My question is how do I go about meeting women in everyday life? How do I approach someone say in a store just to strike up a conversation. I hate the online dating thing and don’t want to try it.. I hate bars at my age, and really don’t know how to approach this in a reasonable way? When I was younger I had no problems with this and was confident enough to approach women. Do younger women find older men attractive anymore or is the new niche Older women younger men? Hahaha HELP ME PLEASE!!! How do you like to be approached (Remember I’m 44 so I don’t want to come across like a stalker or desperate because I feel at my age that my dating is done and I could spend the rest of my life alone if I never find anyone. But other times I wish I had someone to share my time and experiences with. I also am not RICH but am not poor at the same time. I own my home and 2 cars and have a young son as well. Any takers on this question?

New Niche Finder answers:

Datings not easy. Meeting new people can seem scary. If I were you Id just try approaching people and if they back off they back off. If they talk back they talk back. Im not saying like just walk up to someone. But if you see a woman trying to reach for something they cant reach help them. Niceness never gets old. If you dont like the interenet when dont you see if they have single get togethers in your area. Its a great way to meet singles like yourself and mingle. Dont let your age bother you. You are only as old as you feel. Just let yourself live a little and know that you are a one of a kind and hopefully one of the ladies you meet will be one of a kind as well.

Sharon asks…

selling online, need help!?

Hello All

I am new to internet marketing, i did The 30 Day Challenge by Ed Dale twice. i have two blogs about chocolate and would like to start selling chocolate by famous manufacturers.

Does anyone know the best way to go about this. Should i write to ask for distributors and dropshipping and if there are reliable ones to do business with it.
I have seen lots of sites in this niche.

Many thanks in advance to all


New Niche Finder answers:

Have you tried adding a hoplink from clickbank.com into your blogs? There are several vendors that are looking for affiliates to help sell their chocolate products. Go their, http://www.clickbank.com, and check them out. Do a search for “chocolate” in their search box and see if any of the results that turn up interest you.
If you like what they have and need help setting up a hoplink, let me know. Ill be glad to help you out.

Copy and paste the source link below, that should take you straight to clickbanks chocolate marketplace.

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