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Your Questions About New Niches Online

Mandy asks…

MBA asgmnt. reason y new n small co not able 2 attract talent. how 2 attract more ppl 4 middlemgt 4m like firm

xyz research is subsidiary of usa based co. it caters 2 niche demand 4 customized research. young(avg age 30) n small org(130 emp) it has flexible work timing n opptnties 4 fast growth. does research work 4 usa co. but not a captive co. it has own sales team 2 pitch 4 clients. Does research in almost every posible area like finance textiles etc.organises weekly sports n fun activites. it has transparent system with weekly meetings where head tells bout latest developments. also 360 degree feedback system so appraisal is objective. co. is doubling employee size. is quality concious bout recruiting hence no ad in newsppr. currently recruits 4m -emp referals-online application/job posting-tie up wid job portals-campus recruits. there main aim 2 attract people workin in similar industry like kpo, market research etc. Q1-y it has not been able 2 attract people? Q2- how 2 attract more ppl 4 middle mgmt? Q3-what r d imp parameters co. shud check on n why? Q4 how 2 retain existin talent pool

New Niche Finder answers:

First of all, they need to recruit by using newspaper ads. To attract more people for middle management, they company could host an “open house” or participate in a job fair.

Carol asks…

Social Buzz and Twitter Tweets has a BIG impact on SEO and organic search!?

Some time ago I run some tests to see if social buzz like Twitter Tweets and other social media channels is affecting Google organic search result pages.

As most of you know this links is “nofollow”, but my testing shows that Google is not only using Twitter Tweets as a ranking factor, but that the Twitter Tweets is actually more effective than my link building regarding SERPs and Ranking!! Can this finally be the solution to all the link-spam or will this be the start of a new “anti-social” marketing spam instead? Any thoughts about this?

I’ve also found similar studies backing up my investigations.
The most recent one called “The Social Media Marketers SEO Checklist” is from SEOmoz!

This is really hot news, or is it?
How do you think this will affect SEO and Social Media Marketing in (lets say) three years? The holy-grail for spam marketers and “how to make money onlineniches?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes, Twitter is a factor. Also realize Twitter is RSS that feeds into thousands of other RSS feeds. Twitter is a pretty hard SEO tool to ignore anymore.


Mark asks…

Does anyone else not see the need for 1080p? or blu-ray/HD DVD? Will they go the way of the first laser disc?

I have a 720p projector that projects onto an 84″ screen.

I keep seeing these people buying 720p and now 1080p TVs that are under 50″. Quite frankly I don’t see why.

I am using an upconverting DVD and the images look great to me. My brother has a 62″ 1080i DLP witha PS3 and some blue ray. There is a difference with the blu-rays, but not enough for me to jump to a new standard, pay $300 for a player, twice as much for discs and have hardly any content available.

It seems like most people I know still are using sub 36″ TVS.

I keep on reading about this format war, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is really buying the product.

I am wondering if Blu-Ray and HD DVD will be like the old large laser discs that became a niche until DVD finally replaced the VHS.

I think the biggest hurdle to HD is the bandwidth necessary to donwload them. I have begun watching DVDs online through netflix and love it. I can’t imagine waiting to download an HD mpeg-4 video…

New Niche Finder answers:

You basicaly answered your own question. Right now we are in a “format” war of sorts. With HD being the norm as of 2009 ( I refer to off air) companies are scrambling. Both the blu ray and HD dvd are viable formats however, I don’t think, in my opinion, we have see the best device…Yet. Personally, being that you are happy with the picture that you have presently, I’d wait a little while and see what happens.

Betty asks…

How do I come up with content for my website?

I just can’t think of anything.
I’ve had an addiction to learning new information since I was a kid, started with books, went on to internet and still when I get online I read and read and read and read and read.
Thirst for knowledge.

I’ve made a website that is complete with my own designed theme and I do have some content but it’s not enough to make me satisfied.

I told myself that I wouldn’t advertise my website to the world until I had a good amount of information posted and I just can’t do it.

When myspace was around, when I still used social networks online, I would post blogs with my rants of information and how I viewed the world and I had loads of readers, friends and people I didn’t even know would read and comment my blogs daily.

Now that i’m older and I don’t use social websites, I find it difficult to just rant.
I don’t want my website to be a ‘blog’ I don’t believe in blogs… I believe in owning a ‘website’ or an online company.

A blog is a website that comes up with information you’ve seen a MILLION times online.

So my goal is to have a website that doesn’t deal with one niche but has many niches.
I can’t focus on one topic because i’m highly interested in many topics.

I think my problem is that everything I type, I try to research online to make sure it’s absolutely true and i’m not feeding anyone BS.
If it’s a theory, I like to state in every way how it’s a theory.

I want my site to be as informational as possible without the long rants of nonsense that everyone skips.

When I view a website, I skip the entire first paragraph and go to the bullets.

With all of this in mind, I can’t find the mindset to come up with any articles.

I think ‘I could talk about this.’ but then I think of everything i’d have to read about it, when i’ve already read all there is to read about it in the past.

Is it okay to rant through a website or do people dislike this?

I ask questions through google, looking for answers, only to have the same responses on everyone’s ‘blog’

It’s just people copying other people with no answers.

I’d like to look up ‘how do you make money online‘ and have one answer at the top of google ‘work as hard as possible.. stop searching through me..’

So long story short, it’s difficult to write an article when I don’t want to be another ‘blog’ and I don’t want to reread EVERYTHING when I have the responsibility of posting at least so many thousand articles by myself.. no help.

Any advice? For the entire question in any way?

New Niche Finder answers:

You are WAY over-thinking the whole thing and this is why are suffering from writers block.

I’d like to make a few suggestions if I may. And I do know a thing or three about writing unique, informative and engaging content and since you like bullet points and the like, here you go.

1. Do not, I repeat do not build a site that is not centered around something you have at the very least a mild interest for. If you are not interested in the topic you built your site around then you’ll never be able to produce your own content for it–you’ll be outsourcing the content.

2. Take a an afternoon to yourself and go do something that YOU enjoy. This is simply to clear your head.

3. Once your noggin is clear, start your writing career off by writing down ALL the things that are associated with the topic you decided you are passionate enough to write about. This will serve two purposes. It will get your creative juices flowing in addition to giving you some cool topics to center your articles around.
4, Then, just pick the ones that really got you excited and got you thinking. You’ll know which ones because they’ll be the ones you have already started formulating the articles in your head!
5. Be consistent with your writing
6. Quit beating yourself up!

Oh, I do not agree with you about blogs as there a different types of “blogs” and not all are cookie-cutter and some are quite unique, original, informative and engaging. The site below has a nice blog.

Please let me know when you have your first article complete. I do wish you the very best.

Sharon asks…

Unique content with no value?

If someone wrote a book online, each chapter is a new page and keywords in book heavily geared towards a certain niche.
That must be pure unique content but looking at the text and not the book itself, does the content have useful value or would someone have to be interested in reading the book to find the page?

I am on a unique content mission even though im not sure of its importance anymore

New Niche Finder answers:

All unique content have value but you must keep the keyword repetition low, natural writing works best. It is best to have separate pages for each sub category of the niche. Meta titles and meta tags need to added for each page.

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