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Your Questions About New Niches Online

Paul asks…

do you think amativeness by network is nature ?s?

I am a French.I like American girl from little boy start.but i live in french.so i only saw pretty american girl by TV.latter,i knowed the network,i begin to look for american online.i found a site named interracialresources.com which which is a niche interracial dating site.Thousands of new members FREE to join daily to meet dream date there .so i come across a girl in there. shortly, i fall in love with her .i found i can’t
lack her in my life.but i have not enough money.my father ask me to marry a local girl. i don’t know what can i do ?. i don’t know the network amativeness whether is nature ? i think it is important to me . do you have any suggestion ?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t like your name. You’re not me.

I also don’t understand a damned thing you’re saying. I can see the “English isn’t my first language thing”, but most people know the name of the country they live in… And I’ve never heard of French.

I doubt the girl you meet is American, because you certainly aren’t writing in English.

Richard asks…

Authority Summit?

Authority Summit – Las Vegas, Nevada USA, September 8th-9th, 2007 This Summit is geared toward presenting the most cutting-edge training available today from the top authority site publishing and marketing experts in the industry. Attendees will learn only what is working right now for top SEO, publishing, traffic driving, business building, and Web 2.0 marketing strategies. All expert speakers will present fresh, new information and tactics geared 100% toward building a true authority presence online to drive up traffic and profits in any niche. A true workshop atmosphere where learning and application is the foremost goal of the Summit.


New Niche Finder answers:

Link Building

Directory Submissions

Article Distribution

SEO Employment Sites
Where people can buy and sell SEO Services

Full Time Webmaster Message Boards

Affiliate Programs Monetization

Lizzie asks…

How do I attract affiliates?

I wanted to know if someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction. I’m brand new to internet marketing, and I have a great product to promote on my brand new website http://www.setpacenow.com/.
This great information could potentially assist thousands of job seekers to not only find jobs or brand new careers, but perform at top levels and maximize their true earning potential. My problem is that I’m no online marketing guru and I have no experience marketing online. I understand that great help is hard to find, but my goal is to attract a few people who wouldn’t mind earning up to 75% in commissions for helping me promote my product. My target niche is careers and employment, because I personally help people find new careers through a consulting firm. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to directly attract interested affiliates online? I will offer my product FREE OF CHARGE to the first 50 people that sign up along with 2 Bonus products. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

New Niche Finder answers:

I looked at your website and it seemed very dark…lol. I am a Career Coach and I definitely want to see more of your products and how it could help my clients….

John asks…

Okay peoples I am trying to prepare a case analysis of Case. I need help beginning by writing the introduction?

Facebook Faces Up

1 Facebook has had a rough ride of late. Users complain about the site’s frequent shutdowns, with some observers seeing the malfunction as a possible troubling security breach.
2 And though the news media continue to talk about the network’s rapid growth and market dominance, commentators have expressed misgivings about Facebook’s ability to sustain and monetize that expansion.
3 Now, with founder Mark Zuckerberg heading back to court Aug. 8 to defend himself
against accusations that he stole the site’s concept from ConnectU, another collegiate social network with its roots at Harvard, the vultures are on the sidelines, flapping their wings.


4 Not least among them are those looking to fill the void they claim Facebook has left behind by deserting its core audience, college students. According to ComScore, 71% of users are now outside the college age-bracket. As of May, anyone could join the network, whereas users once needed a.edu e-mail address (as proof of college affiliation) to join.
5 But the demand for student-only online spaces—the very thing that made Facebook take off in the first place—remains. And that’s where three ventures by young alumni—College OTR.com, CollegeTonight.com, and CollegeWikis.com—hope to come in. Their
success and strategy depend on staying loyal to that college niche, and they’re looking to find ways to complement rather than compete with the networks students already use.
6 Niche marketing has been the strategy of choice for many new networks in the last year. Users have responded well to being a part of a distinct community, whether grouped by profession, ethnicity, or school. And advertisers like that specificity too.

New Niche Finder answers:

First tip, don’t start with okay peoples

Helen asks…

am i the only one that feels like this?

hi everyone. i’m 23 and have a lot of things going for me in the traditional sense. i don’t have any real problems in life but for some reason i find myself just worrying about something all the time. even when i know i should be happy (on holiday, out with friends) i still catch myself worrying and getting a feeling of dread over something, even if i can handle the issue or at least have a good go at it. this can happen about relationships, work, money, sporting ability, just about anything. i feel like i’m different to everybody else (but not really always in a good way) and that i don’t really fit in many places, even though i’m quite a popular person. people appreciate that i am more the strong silent type, but really i stay quiet because i feel under confident in being myself a lot of the time. i am quite good at most things that i try to do, but never extremely good at anything, so i think maybe i need to find some kind of niche, which will give me a place in life?

i’ve looked online and things just offer de-stress things like ‘take a warm bath with candles’ etc which will not help me. can anyone offer something or relate to it in some way, i feel quite alone although i know that my parents are sometimes the same with worrying and not being ‘one of the crowd’ despite being good, friendly people. there was a time last summer when i was beginning to become a more confident person after i left a troublesome relationship, but i have now started to like this new girl and somehow i think she is a lot better than me, which has put me back down again.

i know this has been a ramble but if anyone can help me out i’d really appreciate it.

New Niche Finder answers:

Some people are just ‘worriers’ by nature. This is also bad for your health, apart from being a nuisance to deal with. Have you ever thought about therapy? My favorite saying of all times is “If everyone threw their problems in a pile and we saw everyone else’s, we would take ours back” I think that says alot. I know you say that things are actually going pretty good for you but you still have a constant worry all the time, this makes me think that there is some underlying cause for this that you are unaware of. I think that therapy is ideal for you, and you dont necessarily have to see a therapist for that, try talking about what your feeling more to a good friend, someone that will just listen to you. Alot of times when you hear your problems out loud instead of just letting them swim around in your head it really puts things into perspective.
Next time you get down on yourself just really try to weigh things out with something good going on in your life…I think youll see you run out of the bad things alot quicker than the good.
I wish you the best, God bless!

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