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Your Questions About New Niches Online

George asks…

What console/games should I look into based on my taste?

I am 20 years old

However all of my life I have played oldschool games such as the following.
. Turok: Dinosuar Hunter
. Doom
. Mario Kart
. Road Rash
. Super Smash Bros
. 007 Goldeney
. Mortal Kombat Trilogy [ Damn you, Shao Kahn! lol ]
. Final Fantasy VII [#2 Favorite](The very best RPG of all time IMO)
. The Legend of Dragoon [#3 Favorite] (Right up there with FF7)
. Diablo (It has its +/-‘s to the PC version)
. Worms World Party [#4 Favorite]
. Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories

Sega Genesis (I warned I was oldschool :))
. Primal Rage
. Arch Rivals
. Battle Toads
. Risk! [ My alltime Fav Board Game ]
. Valis III

Nintendo [ Yup! ]
. Final Fantasy [ #5 Favorite ]
. Renegade
. Pictionary (LOL)
. Any Super Mario Bro’s (Preferrably 1 and 3)

GB and GBA
. Pokemon Red/Blue [ #6 Favorite ]
. Yu-Gi-Oh Eternal Duelist Soul

And finally… the best game EVER made

DIABLO II for PC!!!!

I am obsessed on this game, I wont deny it. I have played it for 5 years. I have played it online for the past 4 years now. I now have over 20 accounts , over 10 level 80+ chars, 20 level 70+ chars, and 20 LLDers (Levels 12-29 duelers)[99% of which are NON-Expansion, I hate LoD lol]. I have been in several clans and even ran my own successful clan on classic [ DoG- The Dregs of Genuflection ] for about a year.

So that being said, DII is my dream game, please consider that.

Please not that despite the several shooters listed above, I generally despise shooters. I have played Halo/2/3, Gears of War/2, and Call of Duty4/MW/MW2 and really do not enjoy playing them. Halo is a minor exception if I have several friends around to play multiplayer games, but that doesn’t happen much. For the most part they are boring and lack the creative nich that I need to enjoy a game for replay value.

Anyways what does all of this lead to? well, I wanted to give a rundown of my taste in games because once I get a job in the near future I want to invest in either a PS3 or XBox 360.

I prefer PSX games over 64 games so I am leaning towards the PS3.

I’m going to also note that, I have tried WoW. I don’t like the graphics, I don’t like the gameplay, I don’t like the skill setup, I don’t like EVERYTHING! lol

So here are my niches.
. Creativity/Customization
. Character Progress
. RPG’s (Please do not suggest any newer FF games, I have played them and they make me want to cry to Nobuo Uematsu about how much I miss the old FF’s) [ Note: Nobuo Uemasu is the musical composer for FF7, Crisis Core, and Advent Children].
. Skill by knowledge not by coordination/talents. In other words, I want to be good because I have learned the game through and through, not because I practiced for hours on end. Bad Example: Shooters, if your godly at one your probably godly at most of the others too. Good Example: In Diablo II, it is impossible to have inherent skill from other games. You can’t just play World of Warcraft and expect to know what your doing in Diablo II.

I would love to try some RPG/Shooter Hybrids but all I have looked into were crappy Super Sci-Fi ones. Something such as Turok with character progress and RPG elements in it would be GFG!

I am really picky aint I?!

Well, heres a quick rundown.
. No lame point n shooters
. No FF games
. No WoW
. Creativity/Customization
. Character Progress
. Cerebral Skill (Skill by knowledge).

All of these are merely guidelines… if you think there is a Point n Shooter that I still would like, despite my opinions, by all means post it.
Additional Notes: I prefer game quality over game-play sometimes.
What I mean is… I still play Diablo 1 because of it’s morbid aura. It really captivates your mind with the Music, Stories, and Dark Corridors. Diablo II lacks what D1 brought to the table aura-wise, but it’s gameplay is above and way beyond that of D1’s. I not only love FF7 because of it’s game-play but also it’s music, I still listen to (And play on guitar lol) The Nightmares Beginning, The Great Warrior, and One Winged Angel. FF7 also have the most epic and emotion seizing story line every created… it’s not just a game, it’s a massive epic movie played out over days of playing.

New Niche Finder answers:


console – PS3
games – Demon’s Souls (fits your criteria perfectly and is an epic game but its tough as nails, be ready for a challenge if you pick this up); Fallout 3 and Borderlands are both great games that fit the FPS/RPG hybrid and pull it off well but they are pretty Sci-Fi, Dragon Age Origins reminds me a lot of Diablo but havent got around to playing it yet so cant say too much about it, either way check those games out

Paul asks…

Is this photography book out of date regarding stock photography?

I bought a ‘new‘ book with a publication date of 2000 that’s about stock photography–250 pages long & 200 of them on how to set up your own specialized online stock photo company. The author’s had a business for 40 years. The information he provides seems hopelessly out of date. He claims you can make a good living if you find a niche with your own copyrighted photographs. Sure, if you started 40 years ago maybe. But is his advice basically worthless nowadays since photography has gone online and digital? I think so, and I want my money back–in fact it seems just about every marketing book on photography published before 2005 or so is out of date. True?

New Niche Finder answers:

No, the principles of marketing remain the same. The methods may have changed, but it is still true, find a niche! For real up to date info get the latest copy of Photographers Market. There are some marketing tips in the first few pages of the book as well as hundreds of places to market your photos.

Lisa asks…

Feeling unwanted and losing my confidence?

Help!! I used to be part of a very active, social, online community…but the community has been dead for a couple of months now. It’s a role-play community on a game I play too, so I never knew most of them well enough to make tons of good friends. I do have a few really good friends on there, but now they aren’t on a lot like they used to be. Right now, I’m 98% to my breaking point and am scared of spiraling into depression again. I’m good at making friends in real life, it’s just more difficult on this game because it’s going to be a struggle finding my niche again.

I’m most worried I will be a drag for one of my really good friends on the game, who loves talking with me on Skype all the time. I HATE being unhappy and depressed around other people :( It makes me panicky. It makes me lose all of my confidence!! :'( I LOVE having confidence! I would SO much rather be confident than depressed, but I feel like this is spiralling out of my control and that if I don’t fix it fast enough, I’ll lose all hope! I’ve been there before and it’s extremely difficult for me to work my confidence back up. I love my current friends on that game so much. I don’t want to lose them. But I’m going to need to branch out to the community again (both role play and non role play), except I don’t really know how. It’s not as easy as real life. In the past I’ve tried branching out to others and being social with them, only to be met with rejection. The rejection makes me feel unwanted and worthless. It hurts. I love making friends with new people. I don’t know what to do…

Does anyone have any advice for me? If you’ve felt unwanted before, what did you do to fix it? How do I keep my confidence from falling?! If you do online role play, do you have any tips about brancing out to other players?

Thanks in advance. I really need advice!
YAHOO: Wow, you’re a dick. I’m saying this because it’s true. You completely failed to help me at all. Making friends online is a lot different than in real life. By the way, I’m treating you with the same disrepsect you’re treating me with, so this is no reflection of how I treat my friends or people I try to meet. I treat assholes like assholes and you are one of them. Nuff said.
Second answer: Seeing peoples’ expressions and being able to physically interact with them is the reason I make friends better in real life…

Note: I can’t believe I ask for help on here and I’m met with such cold responses. Then again, I shouldn’t be this surprised…the Internet really sucks sometimes.
Note to any more assholes: I DON’T need disrespectful and rude comments! That’s not what I came here for! If you want to be rude, DON’T answer my question! It won’t help and is just a waste of my time!

New Niche Finder answers:

Whether online or in person, making friends has the same rejection risk. Rejection always hurt no matter how many times you go thru it, that’s just part of life. The thing you’ll have to decide is if you’re willing to risk a little hurt to find good people to hang with. I think it’s worth it.

There are a lot more haters online than in person because people hide behind their profiles, people feel safe to be jerks online because they have not consequences. And if these people answering you are being rude, you report them for violating the community etiquette. Best to learn to ignore them and not let them get under your skin.

I went thru depression and I immersed myself in an online multi-user game not long ago. People in the game were jerks and game nazis, I never really fit in there but while I was playing I discovered one of my strength was my creativity. Eventually I got fed up with all the control freak administrators and their favorite players, the gaming wasn’t very fair to me anymore, so I quit playing and moved on to other things that interest me.

How do you branch out? Find a new group and start talking to those people. It’s simple yet hard to do sometimes.
How do you handle rejection? It doesn’t get easier, just keep in mind that if you want to find friends, rejection is part of that process.
If you get rejected, it’s not because something is wrong with you. It just means that the two people are not compatible to be friends, so move along.

Lastly, if online things are getting on your nerves, take a break from it. A few days to do other things that you are interested in will relieve the stress. If you don’t take a break, then surely you would become depressed.

David asks…

Do you think Apple’s iPad will kill Amazon’s Kindle and why?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new touchscreen tablet computer on Wednesday dubbed the “iPad,” seeking to carve out a niche between the laptop and the smartphone.

Apple said it would start shipping the iPad, which features a virtual touchscreen keyboard, within 60 days, making them available worldwide in late March. Jobs, who appeared thin but healthy, said Apple was launching an online “iBookstore” for the iPad and touted its abilities as an electronic reader of books, newspapers and magazines.

Some technology analysts expect the iPad to pose a challenge to other e-readers on the market and Jobs made a reference to the e-reader market leader, Amazon’s Kindle.

Do you think Apple’s iPad will kill Amazon’s Kindle and why?

New Niche Finder answers:

No. The ability to read ebooks on an lcd screen has been around before the Kindle or any other e-reader was available so why should the iPad change anything??

I have an Ipod Touch and I have an Amazon Kindle. Reading on an e-ink screen is much easier on the eyes and that makes a big difference if you like to read a lot. I get a headache reading on an LCD screen and I get tired a lot faster.

Also the Ipad will cost twice as much, and as far as functionality goes, a netbook is half the price and twice as functional. I also own a netbook, and that hasn’t replaced my Kindle.

However, if you must have a tablet to keep up with the Joneses, I would wait until the HP slate has to offer, that will run Windows 7 which is far more functional than the ipod/ipad platform and you would be able to read Kindle books on it. Amazon probably has the best prices and best selection of ebooks right now.

Carol asks…

AP Biology Free Response Question help?

Well my teacher gave the class an independent essay to write due by this Friday and I am totally in the dark as to what the answer is. Here is the question: “The relationship of structures to function is one of the major themse in biology. For the following structure/function pair, describe the structure and then explain how the function is related to the structure.” I chose the topic “Enzyme/Catalysis”.

All I know about enzymes is that at best they look like the letter “C” and the substrates that they ‘attach’ to neatly fit within the niche, next thing you know a few bonds are made and a few bonds are broken and you have a new compound.

If anyone could give me some vital information as to what I should be looking for or online resources I could access that would be great.

New Niche Finder answers:

An enzyme is a catalyst. For example, in digestion, enzymes function as catalysts to sppeed up/ensure digestion.

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